Price overview

Following Media-packages are aviable:
  Standbreite Standtiefe Preis
Media package 1  2m 1m 350€ excl. VAT
Media package 2  4m 1m 600€ excl. VAT
Media package 3 2m 2m 1000€ excl. VAT
3m 2m 1100€ excl. VAT
4m 2m 1200€ excl. VAT
5m 2m 1300€ excl. VAT

All packages include a catering during the fair. You are invited to our get-together barbecue which takes place after the fair.
All media packages include the equipment for your booth. You can select the equipment once you logged in into your profile. Furthermore, wireless LAN and electricity are available.

The special offer of media package 3 is that you automatically become sponsor of the fair. Due to that reason, you are allowed to choose a location for your booth, after consulting with the organizer. We also offer you the chance to participate in the “Company-Pitch”, where you can present your company for 10 minutes.