10. Stralsund fair for Business, Interns and Graduates

25th of April, 2013

13:00 - 17:00 Uhr

1. IT-Lounge auf der SUPA 2013

The concept of the IT Lounge was especially developed for the tenth Stralsund internship and graduate contact fair (SUPA). Reason for this is the ongoing growth of the IT Sector in Stralsund and surrounding areas. On the 27th of June in 2012, the first IT trade fair in Pomerania was held at the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund. The evaluation has shown an increasing demand of IT specialists and their development.


As a result of this fair, the IT-Stammtisch emerged and only a few months later, in December 2012, the IT lagoon (www.it-lagune.de) was established. The association has set itself the goal to use IT as a lever of economic strength in this region. Amongst others they accompany our initiative "IT1000" (the aim to create 1000 IT jobs in this region). Furthermore, the association takes over the content design of the IT Lounge.


In 2011 two IT companies have settled down in Stralsund, which are Adesso AG and Unister Holding GmbH. They have seen their chance to open up a new branch of industry in Stralsund and Pomerania. After giving a great example, other companies will follow now.


In order to keep up the growth and development, we decided to have a set area for IT specialists, which is the IT Lounge. The concept and strategy is an ongoing process. New participants and motivated Entrepreneurs are always welcome.


All the participating companies of the IT lounge can also be found with more details in the list of exhibitors.


Entrepreneurs in the IT-Lounge

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